You Can Still Complete the 2020 Census Without a Census ID

You can still participate in the 2020 Census even if you no longer have your invitation from the U.S. Census Bureau with your ID number.

In mid-March 2020, most everyone in the United States of America and its territories received an invitation to participate in the 2020 Census. That invitation included a unique Census ID that links you to a physical address. But what if you can no longer find the mailing? Maybe you lost it or unintentionally trashed it. No problem. You can still respond online without a Census ID.

Why is my address important to the Census Bureau?

Matching you to an address help fulfill an essential goal of our decennial census count that has remained the same throughout our nation’s history. Specifically, the Census Bureau wants to count everyone living in the U.S., only once, and make sure to count them in the right location (the place where they reside).

How do I respond without an ID?

Go to, select the link under the login button that says, “If you do not have a Census ID, click here.” If you respond without your Census ID, they’ll ask you for your address. Then, they can link your responses to your address.

Can I respond online without an ID on any device or browser?

Yes. Responding online without an ID works on most updated devices. I recommend using the two latest versions of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Samsung Native.

How do I provide my address?

When responding online without an ID, you’ll choose from three options for entering an address:

  • Street address
    The online form will prompt you to enter an address number, street name, and either the city and state or the ZIP Code. If a valid street address isn’t available, check the box that says, “I do not have a street address.” Then, you can enter a rural route address or some other address or physical location.
  • Rural route address
    A rural route address includes a rural route descriptor, rural route number, rural route box ID number, city, and state or ZIP Code.
  • Other address or physical
    If you do not have a rural route address, the system will first ask if you are homeless. Then, it will invite you to enter a city, state, ZIP Code, and description of the physical place where you live.

If I live or stay in a garage or added structure at a property, how do I respond?

If you need to respond with a physical location on a property that does not have a separate address, utilize the “Street Address” option, enter the address. Include the description of the structure (e.g., “garage”) in the apartment/unit number field.

How do I respond if multiple people or families are residing at a single address?

Everyone living or staying at an address, even if they are not a member of your family, should be counted by the person filling out the census form for that address. There are no restrictions on the number of people you can include in your questionnaire.

The Census Bureau has ways to resolve duplicate responses if multiple people living at the same address respond separately.

Don’t fail to support your community because you lack your Census ID

Let’s make sure we get every dollar we deserve in Moultrie County. It takes less than 15 minutes to complete the 2020 Census. Lacking a Census ID merely adds a couple of questions to verify your address.  You can shape the future for our county and its communities by taking the time to participate in the 2020 Census count now!

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